May 28, 2021

First Time Setup

Welcome to Textdrip.  We’re going to spend the next 10 minutes getting you set up.  A link to this video was sent to your email so you can watch it again if you missed something.

First let’s start with getting your chrome or firefox extension setup.  You’ll need your API key which is the long string of numbers and letters below this video on the screen after your payment screen or in your email if you’re watching this video from that link.

Copy that key into your clipboard and navigate to if you are using chrome or if you are using firefox.

Search for Textdrip and then add the extension.  If you are using chrome it’s a good idea to pin the Textdrip extension so it’s easy to access later.  Do this by clicking the little puzzle piece to the left of your profile picture in the top right corner of your browser screen, scroll down to the Textdrip extension and click the pin button.  Next, click the Textdrip icon, paste the API key you copied earlier into the API key field and click Save.  We’ll come back to this extension after we create a Textdrip campaign.

In your browser navigate to and log in with the credentials you just made.  Allow notifications so you will be alerted when a text message comes in. From the left side of the screen click Drip Campaign and then click Create New Campaign.  Give your campaign a name such as, New Leads, Old Leads, Morning Campaign or something like that.  Click the Add Drips button and type your first message.  Notice the default time is 1 Minute, that is the quickest time that a message can go out.  If you hover your mouse over Merge Fields you will see the different Merge Fields you can use to personalize your message.  As you can see in my example here I’m using the first name merge field.  Add additional Drips adjusting the times you want them to go out and then click the Save button at the bottom.

Now that we’ve made our first Drip Campaign let’s go over to our CRM and test it out.  The Textdrip chrome and firefox extensions work with most of the major CRMs but if you are using one that we are not partnered with, email us with the name and we can typically have it added within 2 business days.

Once you have a lead pulled up on your screen inside your CRM click the Textdrip icon in the top right corner of your browser and then click Send Text Drip.  That’s it.  The lead has been added to Textdrip and your newly created Textdrip campaign has been applied to that lead.  To see what this looks like, navigate back to and click on Contacts and then Contacts again.  You should see the lead you just added.  Keep in mind that the lead will appear in contacts but not in Conversations until they reply to your message.  This keeps your conversations from getting crowded up with a bunch of outbound messages.

Let’s pull this lead over to Conversations so we can look at what’s going on.  Hover over Action next to the lead name and click Send Message.  You can now see the pending drips that you created.  If you created the first drip to go out at 1 minute then keep in mind that it will take 60 seconds to go out.  That is the quickest that a drip can go out.  Once a lead replies to any of your messages it will automatically delete any remaining drips.  This is to prevent continued drips from going out to someone you are actively working with or someone who has opted out.  The lead will now appear in your conversations tab waiting for you to reply.

Since the only messages that are in Conversations are replies a good housekeeping best practice is to keep it clean by archiving any conversation that you are not actively working with.  Do this by hovering over Action, clicking Archive and then Ok.

Add yourself as a contact so you can test things out.  Click Contacts and then Contacts again.  Click the New Contact button in the top right corner.  Add your name and personal cell phone number and then click Add Contact.  Hover over Action next to your name and click Send Message.  Click the droplet icon, click the Drip Campaign name you made earlier.  Click Apply Campaign and then Ok.  You should now see the drip campaign scheduled to go out to you.  Once you receive the text message from yourself reply with, “I’m interested” or something similar.

Next we are going to set up a Canned Response and test it out on our phone.  Click Canned Responses and then Add New Response from the top right corner.  Let’s give this a Friendly Name of Interested.  In the Message Body we’re going to type, “Sounds great, I just need a few more pieces of information.  When are you available for a phone call with me?”  Click the Add Canned Response button at the bottom.

On your cell phone search for Textdrip on the App Store or Play Store, install the Textdrip app, and log in with your credentials.  If you did the last step then you should see your message to yourself in Conversations.  Next to the Enter Message field click the lightning bolt and then the reply arrow.  Choose the Canned Response called Interested.  Notice how it automatically fills in the text field with your message.  Click the grey send button next to your message to test it out.  Use Canned Messages for things that you are constantly typing in response to customers to save yourself time.

Well, that’s the basics.  We hope you love Textdrip as much as we do and if you do please like us on the app store.  If you have any questions email us or you can chat with us on Facebook or through