May 27, 2021

NextGen Leads

Did you know you can add Textdrip to your favorite lead vendor, like NextGen Leads, to get a Textdrip campaign going on leads in real-time?  Start by logging into Textdrip and click on My Account.  Copy the API Token, which is a long string of letters and numbers.  You will need it later.


Next, Click on View all drip Campaigns.


Copy the ID of the drip campaign you want to apply to the leads as they come in from your lead vendor.


We are using nextgenleads for this example but the process for other lead vendors is similar.  For nextgenleads click the Help button in the bottom right corner of marketplace


Then, click Live Chat and wait to talk to a chat support specialist.  Tell them you would like to add Textdrip as a CRM.  Send the info below for the API they need to apply and ask them to send a test lead.

curl –location –request POST ‘’ \
–header ‘Content-type: application/json’ \
–data-raw ‘{
“phone_number”: “5551234567”,
“full_name”: “Nexgen Test”,
“api_key”: “6aTyycMA9WVhDVe0F6jdAW0ZTAyJsHFn”,
“campaign_id”: “WhCFEqGRzt235kOPsgB6”

Be sure to change the API key above to your API key that you copied in the earlier step and your Campaign ID to the drip campaign ID you copied in the earlier step.  After they send the test lead, check your contacts in Textdrip to make sure you received the lead.  That’s it!  You can now get leads directly in Textdrip from your lead vendor.