July 30, 2021

Test Your Messages For Carrier Spam Block Before Creating Drip Campaign

TextDrip was built to prevent you from getting carrier violations, however it is still possible for your messages to get blocked if they are identified as spam.  Often these messages look perfectly normal and you wouldn’t expect for carriers to be blocking them as spam.  For example one message that will get blocked by every carrier is…..

“Hi [first], this is John.  I received your inquiry for health insurance coverage.  Out of common courtesy, I don’t want to be a nuisance and bombard you with calls.  May I provide you a quote via text?”

In order to help increase your deliverability we have created a tool for you to check your messages against.

Just go to https://textdrip.co/test-your-message/ type your message into the text box and click the Send button.  Wait 3 seconds and you will get the response  message-failed or  message-delivered.

If you get message-failed, just change your messaging and try again.  Test this on each of the messages in your drip campaigns to help increase the deliverability of your messaging.